5 tips to help you select the perfect art piece for your home

Mark, a 39-year-old professional with a love of dynamic art, has a problem.

He has recently finished a full renovation of his one-and-a-half storey bungalow home. He wants to source some art pieces to match the rustic feel of his home’s characteristic details: the local stone work, sash windows, and exposed interior roof beams.

Mark, however, does not know how to balance his love of bold art work with his home’s vintage feel. What advice would you give to Mark to help him find the perfect art piece?

Here are five guiding principles that anyone can use to find the perfect art piece for their home’s interior style.


  1. Buy a piece of art that will thrill you every day.

When you see a piece of art which generates immediate feelings of joy or pleasure – buy it! Your gut instinct is a powerful guide. Hanging a piece of art that you love will enhance the appearance of the environment as well as bring life and dimension to a space.


  1. Add visual interest by mixing contemporary and traditional features.

You can create a dramatic contrast by mixing, say, an antique piece of furniture with a striking postmodern painting. Keeping an open mind and playing around with different combinations can result in bold and striking combinations in any room.


  1. Aim to contrast and complement with the art piece.

Matching your art piece to the rest of the room might, at first, feel right. However, this can cause the artwork to ‘get lost’ in the visual layout of the room. Try instead to add contrast and complement the space. You might find something beautiful in stark black and white or add a colourful piece from your favorite street artist.   


  1. If you go bold, keep other elements of the room minimal.

Consider the impact of the room when creating that contrast. Other elements of the room should not compete with the art work. You might find this easier to do when you extend beyond paintings – also consider hanging art pieces such as photographs, vintage-style posters, or maps.


  1. Step outside your door and get familiar with your local arts scene!

To find that perfect art piece for your home’s interior style, you must educate yourself and know what you like. What better way to do this than by spending time immersed in your local arts scene? Depending on the season, there may be street festivals or open house events where you can check out galleries, event spaces, and other venues showcasing local artists.


Like our friend Mark, you may be nervous and uncertain when beginning your search for the perfect art piece for your home’s interior style. With the guidance of a few key principles, however, this can become an easy (and fun!) journey for any intrepid art lover.