Colour your world for a fresh perspective this February

Do you have a case of the ‘February blahs’? February is a tough month for many Canadians. We suffer from limited periods of light, colder temperatures, and more sedentary lifestyles. This causes us to feel sad and low-energy.

Fear not! There are lots of ways to start reenergizing your mental and physical health in February. One of these includes the simple, but strategic, addition of colour to your home. The colours of our environment change our emotions and physical reactions.

The saturation and brightness of colour in our environment influences our emotional response. Saturation is the purity of the colour, while brightness is how light the colour seems. A colour that is light and less saturated will be relaxing (e.g. Pistachio green). Deeper, more saturated colours like Cerulean Blue are energizing to look at.

Colours can also influence our physical reaction to a space. Warm colours, such as reds and oranges, raises our blood pressure and heart rate. This makes us feel more alert, warmer, and ready to move. Placing art such as our Tokyo Martini VI, with its bright red-hued colours, can help make a room feel warmer. These are also good colours to put at the end of a long hallway or to use to draw people toward a particular section of a large space.

In contrast, cool colours like blue and green can make us feel calmer. These colours are calming, relaxing, and serene. This makes them a good choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. Cool colours are a good choice for warmer rooms in the home, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms. Balancing cooler colours with warm hues in the furnishings and fabrics will ensure that the room does not feel unpleasantly chilly.

If you are feeling sad and low energy this February, adding a dash of warm, saturated colours to your home can help. Browse our collection of archival prints and find the colour that best meets the needs of different rooms in your home!