This is how you can treat your loved ones to beautiful art

Valentine’s Day is here, and we hope that your day is full of joyful moments with friends and loved ones!

On today and other special occasions, you may want to purchase artwork for your loved ones. Art can be a wonderful gift for someone’s birthday, wedding gift, or even a ‘thank you’ to your child’s classroom teacher.

Purchasing art for someone can be a challenge if you don’t quite know the person’s taste in artwork, or what sizing of art might work best in their home.

To help you treat your loved ones to beautiful art, check out these helpful guidelines:


  1. Look at the art through their eyes. You’ve found a bold piece of art work that, frankly, makes you feel a bit overpowered. But, it’s the perfect fit for the colours, layout, and vibe of your best friend Suzie’s house. Seeing it through Suzie’s eyes, you realize that it’s the right purchase to make.
  2. Uncertain over size? Err on the side of ‘small’. It’s easier for someone to find the perfect place for a smaller piece of art in their home.
  3. Avoid focusing on a particular ‘theme’ for the art work. Just because your best friend Jason loves guitars, does not mean that he would love a piece of art centered around guitar-related imagery. Open your mind and get creative to find interesting and unique art works for your loved ones.
  4. That said, try to match the art work to your loved one’s interior design style. You may know that your best friend Becca loves vintage furniture and adores warmer tones for her home’s colour palette. The art you purchase for Becca would do well to fit into this style.


Pro tip! Observe the pieces of art your loved one comments on. This is an easy way to gather information for your gift purchases later on.

We hope these guidelines make it easier for you to find that perfect work of art for your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!