This one tip will make you hang art differently for the rest of your life

Imagine, for a moment, that you're visiting a friend's house. She is sharing the stories behind the art hung on her walls with you.

The individual pieces of the collection are beautiful and a very personal part of the home. But you have to crane your neck to see each piece, and some pieces in the collection feel too small and out of place.

Your friend has a problem! There is one tip you should share which will help her to hang art in a harmonious, unified, and impactful way.

That guideline is: always hang your artwork at 57” on center. This means that the middle of the artwork is always at 57 inches from the floor. Doing so places the artwork right at a comfortable eye level for the viewer. (Note: Artwork hanging over a taller feature such as a fireplace will differ in placement.)

The first step to hanging the artwork using this guideline is to measure and mark 57” on the wall up from your floor. Then, measure the artwork and divide by two to find the spot to place your tightened wire for hanging.

To place your hook, measure the top of the picture to the tightened wire and subtract that number from the artwork's halved measurement. This will tell you how far above 57” to place your hook. If you need step-by-step images to guide you through this process, click here or here.

Applying this guideline to the art in your home will create harmony between individual pieces in your collection. This is thanks to their shared midline across your home’s walls. Each piece will also share a closer relationship to other elements of your home. This will help it appear cohesive with your rugs, furniture, and lighting.

If you are arranging larger groups of pictures, begin by experimenting with their placement using paper cut outs. Think of this collection as a single, giant picture. Start with the center picture and hang that at 57” on the wall, arranging the rest of the group to your liking.

When contemplating hanging your beloved artwork, or helping a friend hang theirs, keep in mind the guideline of 57" on center. Doing so will impact the feel of the collection, for the better!