Welcome spring into your home with these interior design inspirations

As the seasons change and signs of spring emerge all around us, it is easy to feel reenergized. This can afford us more energy to reimagine our interior spaces.

Inviting new pieces into our homes can help us to experiment with fresh colours and lines. Are you interested in helping your interior space blossom along with spring? Read on for some fresh spring-inspiration!


  1. Experiment with different accent materials.

Placing raw wood pieces throughout the home as wall art or a side table offers a sense of comfort, warmth, and natural beauty to a space. This will integrate nature’s beauty right into your living space.

You can also consider brass accents. Brass is an emerging 2018 design trend and can give a feeling of age and austerity to a space. Incorporate brass into your home with light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, or living room furniture.


  1. Declutter and reimagine your living space.

 “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” – Marie Kondo

Take advantage of spring cleaning season to pursue greater happiness within the space you live. You have goals for the new year, and your living space can reflect these goals through a bit of mindful cleaning!

Get rid of unnecessary books and knick-knacks. Look at the items in your home with a critical eye. Do they bring you pleasure, a feeling of joy? Are they functional? If not, it may be time to replace or remove them. You might also be able to reimagine some of the furniture in your home by updating these pieces with a fresh coat of paint.


  1. Refresh with colours in your home.

The colours of the space in which you live can influence your emotions and mood. If you are finding yourself feeling wired or tired in your home, perhaps it is time for a fresh palette of colours!

Current trends in interior design for colour give some good insight on what to try first. Introduce iridescent finishes, pastel shades, or saturated pops of colour into your space. A colour pop can be bold and vitalizing or subtle and moving.

Celebrate this minimal but energizing movement in interior design by adding fun pillows, a dramatic abstract painting, or a single saturated accent chair. Our art pieces can offer the perfect pop of colour to your space.


Spring is the perfect opportunity to increase the happiness you feel in your living space. Try experimenting with different accent materials in your home, decluttering to increase harmony of the space, and introducing fresh pops of colour.

You may find this process gets your spring season off to a great start.