Welcome to Stooke Studios


I'm Trevor, welcome to my shop. I create digital art for interior spaces that are all about optimism, clean lines, and pared-down design elements.

I love the way a visual image instantly connects with us on a subconscious level. I want to fill spaces with inspiration through bright and bold colour choices, subtle imagery, and evocative imagery.  May it be nostalgia, inspiration, connectedness or optimism.

Art has always been a part of my life, but experiencing my children's early creativity inspired me to indulge in my own kind of creative play. I unclogged a creative block I didn’t know I had. I found a new way to express myself visually.

My mother instilled in me the power of travel and exploring. From the new air while getting off a plane, to the peoples, cultures, arts, scents, foods, architecture and design - traveling inspired me to think and feel with an open mind. I have many fond memories of my travel experiences, as any explorer does.

Through these experiences, I have a heightened sense, not unlike other travelers, that beyond our differences we are more alike than different. Each of our differences makes us more multifaceted, like a magnificent jewel. The more facets there are, the brighter the result. The Martinis were an expression of this.

I enjoy participating in charity events where I donate artwork to help raise money and awareness for great causes, like Bob Kemp Hospice and ArtEscape (Culture for Kids in the Arts' (CKA).


Trevor Stooke