Washington Martini v1

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Limited Edition.
  • Print 12" x 16"
  • Canvas 16" x 20"
  • Canvas 26" x 34" 
  • Canvas 36" x 48"

Built to commemorate George Washington, a marble obelisk towers over Washington Square. The Washington Monument may embody respect for America's first president, but it also exudes power and optimism of the American Dream. Standing amid a field of Stars and Stripes, the Washington Martini celebrates the freedom to live life as one wishes. This interesting and decorative artwork will grab everyone's attention and inspire conversation.

Part of a limited series of art prints that personifies the magic of the world's greatest towers and cities. Each Piece is personally signed. This Archival Print will help stylize your home, restaurant, boutique hotel or office.

Created and signed by the artist, Trevor Stooke.


All of our digital prints are produced in downtown Hamilton.