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Behind the Design

Discover Trevor's Story

Sharp. Modern. Timeless.

Each piece of artwork is a limited edition print, signed by the artist. 

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Attracting Attention

Trevor's unique art has attracted some of Canada's biggest names.

"The collection captures a colorful imaginative connection to iconic world city structures in a tremendously inventive and refreshing way. This exceptional series should be showcased in Airports, Hotels, and presented to international governments and Embassies as an authentic Canadian creative accomplishment."

- Michael Charbon

"His art is bold without being abrasive, and it is sensitive, yet memorable. It never fails to trigger an emotional response from the viewer and we are so fortunate that Trevor Stooke has chosen to follow his artistic calling."

- Susan Crossman

"I attended a gallery showing of Trevor’s collection and was really impressed with his modern twist in integrating iconic forms – that of the classic glass silhouettes with images of renown world architectural structures – to create very unique, contemporary and approachable art pieces that have a universal appeal." 

- Terri Mines